With more than 20 years of experience, Portuguese jeweler Vanessa Ponces, the artist responsible for the design and production of all the pieces that make up the MIO JEWELS catalog, created, at the end of 2018, her first exclusive brand that she did not want in her own name.

“Mio, which Italian means mine , is the right word to describe what I want whoever chooses this brand to feel with their pieces. They are my idea, made real, but then they transform into something very unique to the person who uses them, not only because of their personality and style, but also because of the way they are used. For this reason, they are always very versatile pieces that adapt to more casual looks , as well as being suitable for parties and other ceremonies, depending on what we want from them”, explains the brand's mentor.

Currently, with a regular presence in the country's main markets and a strong online focus, which culminated in the launch of a new website in the post-confinement period, thus facilitating access to all parts, by anyone, MIO exports throughout Europe, and is also present annually, by invitation, in the Spanish market.

The catalogue, which has more than 300 pieces, is constantly growing, with the addition of new collections. In addition to the various new products presented throughout the year, Vanessa Ponces also creates, in strict coordination with clients, personalized pieces. Thus, you can give new life to old pieces (melting gold and silver from objects that customers have) and transforming them, or creating pieces from scratch completely in accordance with the wishes of those who ask, always giving your creative touch that makes the difference.


More than jewelry, they are a form of expression. Your form of expression. Simple, elegant and with the touch of irreverence that you want to make known to the world, under the signature of Vanessa Ponces. 

Mio because they belong to you. Because they translate your dreams, your goals, your fears and your amulets. And that's how you'll feel them. Like an extension of you. Because all jewelry is different, even when they are the same. After all, the way you use them is yours and yours alone. And the neck, finger and ear they are in are yours and yours alone. They mean what they mean to you and no one else.